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W-2 Form vs. W-4 Form W-2 Form vs. W-9 Form W Bosons vs. Z Bosons Waggle vs. Wiggle Wander vs. Wonder Waning Moon vs. Waxing Moon Want vs. Wish WAP vs. WEP War Driving vs. War Flying War vs. World War Warhammer 40k vs. Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warlock vs. Wizard Warning vs. Watch Warning vs. Weather Advisory Wasp vs. Yellow Jacket Watch vs. Weather Advisory Water Conditioning vs. Water Softening Water Repellent vs. Waterproof Water Resistant vs. Waterproof Water vs. Wine Waterborne Disease-Causing Bacteria vs. Waterborne Disease-Causing Virus Wave Frequency vs. Wave Velocity Wavefront vs. Wavelet Wavelength vs. Wavenumber WCF vs. Web Service WCF vs. Web Services Weak vs. Week Weather vs. Whether Weather Warning vs. Weather Watch Weave vs. Wig Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0 Web 1.0 vs. Web 3.0 Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0 Web Application vs. Web Service Web Application vs. Website Web Browser vs. Web Server Web Design vs. Web Development Web Portal vs. Website Webcast vs. Webinar WebLogic vs. WebSphere Webpage vs. Website Wedding Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner Weigh vs. Weigh-In Weight Gainer vs. Whey Protein WEP vs. WPA Were vs. Where Westergren Tube vs. Wintrobe Tube What vs. Which What You Do vs. What You Say Wheat vs. Whey When vs. While Where vs. Which Whereas vs. While Whey Isolate Protein vs. Whey Isolate Protein Which vs. Who While vs. Whilst White Beeswax vs. Yellow Beeswax White Cornmeal vs. Yellow Cornmeal White Gold vs. Yellow Gold White Onion vs. Yellow Onion White Pages vs. Yellow Pages White Wheat vs. Whole Wheat Who Are vs. You Who vs. Whom Who vs. Whose Whoever vs. Whomever Whole Grain vs. Whole Wheat Wholegrain Bread vs. Wholemeal Bread Who's vs. Whose Why vs. Y Wi-Fi Built-in Blu-ray Players vs. Wi-Fi Ready Wi-Fi vs. Zigbee Wii vs. Wii U Wikileaks vs. Wikipedia Wildlife Biology vs. Zoology Will vs. Would WiMAX Network Technology vs. WiMAX2 Network Technology WiMAX vs. Wifi WiMAX vs. WiMAX 2 Wind Gust vs. Wind Speed Windows 10 vs. Windows 8 Windows 10 vs. Windows 8.1 Windows 7 Home Premium Edition vs. Windows 7 Starter Windows 7 Home Premium vs. Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Professional vs. Windows 7 Ultimate Windows 7 vs. Windows 8 Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista Windows 8 vs. Windows RT Windows Phone 7.5 Mango vs. iOS 5 Windows Phone 7.5 Mango vs. iOS 6 Winter Ball vs. Winter Formal Wireless Disassociation vs. Wireless Jamming Witch vs. Wizard Wittig Reaction vs. Wittig-Horner Reaction Wittig Reaction vs. Wittig Rearrangement Wolf vs. Wolverine Women's Champions League vs. Women's Super League Wool vs. Yarn WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org Work from Home vs. Work from Office Working Hours vs. Workweek Working Principle of Indicator Electrode vs. Working Principle of Reference Electrode Works Cited vs. Works Consulted World War I vs. World War II Worse vs. Worst Worth vs. Worthiness Would Have vs. Would Have Been WPA-EAP vs. WPA-PSK WPA-EAP vs. WPA3-SAE WPA vs. WPA2 WPA2 vs. WPA3 Wurtzite vs. Zinc Blende WW1 vs. WW2 WWE Raw vs. WWE Smackdown WWE vs. WWF WWI vs. WWII