Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus vs. Sony Xperia Z5

What's the Difference?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Sony Xperia Z5 are both flagship smartphones that offer impressive features. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus features a stunning curved display, which not only enhances the visual experience but also provides additional functionality with its edge panels. On the other hand, the Xperia Z5 boasts a powerful camera with a 23-megapixel sensor, allowing users to capture high-quality photos and videos. Both devices offer fast performance and sleek designs, but the choice between them ultimately depends on personal preferences, whether one prioritizes a unique display or a superior camera.


AttributeSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge PlusSony Xperia Z5
Display5.7 inches5.2 inches
Resolution1440 x 2560 pixels1080 x 1920 pixels
ProcessorExynos 7420 Octa-coreQualcomm Snapdragon 810 Octa-core
Storage32/64/128 GB32 GB
Camera16 MP (rear), 5 MP (front)23 MP (rear), 5.1 MP (front)
Battery3000 mAh2900 mAh
Operating SystemAndroid 5.1.1 (Lollipop)Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop)
Weight153 g154 g

Further Detail

Design and Display

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Sony Xperia Z5 both boast stunning designs and premium build quality. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus features a sleek metal and glass construction with curved edges, giving it a unique and futuristic look. On the other hand, the Xperia Z5 sports a more traditional rectangular design with a glass back and metal frame, exuding elegance and sophistication.

When it comes to display, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus sports a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display, offering vibrant colors and deep blacks. The curved edges of the screen also provide a more immersive viewing experience. In contrast, the Xperia Z5 comes with a slightly smaller 5.2-inch Full HD IPS LCD display, which still delivers sharp visuals and accurate color reproduction.

Both devices feature fingerprint sensors integrated into their home buttons, providing convenient and secure unlocking options. However, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus takes it a step further with its curved display, allowing users to access their favorite contacts and apps with a simple swipe from the edge of the screen.


The camera capabilities of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Xperia Z5 are impressive, catering to photography enthusiasts. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus boasts a 16-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization, allowing for sharp and detailed photos even in low-light conditions. It also features a wide aperture of f/1.9, enabling beautiful bokeh effects and better low-light performance.

On the other hand, the Xperia Z5 comes with a 23-megapixel rear camera, offering a higher resolution than the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. It also incorporates Sony's renowned Exmor RS sensor, which enhances image quality and reduces noise. Additionally, the Xperia Z5 features a dedicated camera button, making it easier to capture those spontaneous moments.

Both devices support 4K video recording, allowing users to capture stunning videos with incredible detail. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus also includes a feature called "Live Broadcast," which enables users to stream live videos directly to YouTube, providing a unique and interactive way to share experiences with friends and family.

Performance and Software

Under the hood, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Xperia Z5 are powered by different processors. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus houses Samsung's own Exynos 7420 octa-core processor, which delivers exceptional performance and efficient multitasking. It is coupled with 4GB of RAM, ensuring smooth and lag-free operation.

On the other hand, the Xperia Z5 is equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor, which also offers excellent performance and handles demanding tasks with ease. It is paired with 3GB of RAM, providing sufficient power for most applications and games.

In terms of software, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus runs on Samsung's TouchWiz user interface, which offers a plethora of features and customization options. It also comes with a range of pre-installed Samsung apps, providing a seamless integration with other Samsung devices and services.

Meanwhile, the Xperia Z5 runs on Sony's custom user interface, which is close to stock Android, offering a clean and intuitive user experience. Sony has also included some useful features, such as Xperia Themes and Remote Play, which allows users to stream PlayStation 4 games to their device.

Battery and Storage

When it comes to battery life, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus packs a 3,000mAh non-removable battery, which provides all-day usage with moderate usage. It also supports fast charging and wireless charging, allowing users to quickly recharge their device without the hassle of cables.

On the other hand, the Xperia Z5 comes with a slightly smaller 2,900mAh non-removable battery. While it may have a smaller capacity, the Xperia Z5 still offers decent battery life and supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology, enabling faster charging times.

In terms of storage, both devices offer 32GB of internal storage as the base option. However, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus does not support expandable storage, which may be a drawback for users who require additional space for their media and files. In contrast, the Xperia Z5 includes a microSD card slot, allowing users to expand the storage capacity up to 256GB.


Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Sony Xperia Z5 are both exceptional smartphones with their own unique strengths. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus impresses with its stunning design, curved display, and excellent camera capabilities. On the other hand, the Xperia Z5 offers a more traditional design, a higher resolution camera, and expandable storage.

Ultimately, the choice between the two devices depends on personal preferences and priorities. If you value a futuristic design, immersive display, and a feature-rich user interface, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus may be the ideal choice for you. However, if you prioritize a higher resolution camera, expandable storage, and a close-to-stock Android experience, the Xperia Z5 could be the perfect fit.

Regardless of your choice, both the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Sony Xperia Z5 are powerful smartphones that deliver exceptional performance and a premium user experience.

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