Q8400 vs. i5-4570

What's the Difference?

The Q8400 and i5-4570 are both quad-core processors, but the i5-4570 is a newer and more powerful processor compared to the Q8400. The i5-4570 has a higher clock speed, better performance, and more advanced features such as hyper-threading and turbo boost technology. It also has a higher thermal design power (TDP) rating, indicating that it may consume more power but also deliver better performance. Overall, the i5-4570 is a more efficient and capable processor compared to the older Q8400.


Release Year20082013
Socket TypeLGA775LGA1150
Number of Cores44
Base Clock Speed2.66 GHz3.2 GHz
Max Turbo FrequencyN/A3.6 GHz
Lithography45 nm22 nm

Further Detail


When it comes to choosing a processor for your computer, there are many factors to consider. Two popular options are the Q8400 and i5-4570 processors. In this article, we will compare the attributes of these two processors to help you make an informed decision.


The Q8400 is a quad-core processor with a base clock speed of 2.66 GHz. It has a 4MB L2 cache and a 1333 MHz FSB. On the other hand, the i5-4570 is also a quad-core processor but with a higher base clock speed of 3.20 GHz. It has a larger 6MB L3 cache and a 1600 MHz FSB. In terms of performance, the i5-4570 is superior to the Q8400 due to its higher clock speed and larger cache size.

Power Efficiency

When it comes to power efficiency, the i5-4570 is the clear winner. It is built on a more advanced 22nm manufacturing process compared to the 45nm process used for the Q8400. This results in lower power consumption and heat generation for the i5-4570, making it a more energy-efficient option for your computer.

Integrated Graphics

One area where the Q8400 has an advantage over the i5-4570 is in integrated graphics. The Q8400 comes with Intel HD Graphics, which is capable of handling basic graphics tasks. On the other hand, the i5-4570 does not have integrated graphics and requires a dedicated graphics card for any graphical processing. If you are looking for a processor with integrated graphics, the Q8400 may be the better choice for you.


For users who are interested in overclocking their processor, the i5-4570 is not the ideal choice. It is a locked processor, meaning that its clock speed cannot be easily adjusted beyond its base speed. On the other hand, the Q8400 is an unlocked processor, allowing for more flexibility in overclocking. If overclocking is important to you, the Q8400 may be the better option.


When it comes to price, the Q8400 is the more budget-friendly option. It is an older processor that can be found at a lower price point compared to the i5-4570, which is a newer and more advanced processor. If you are looking to save money on your processor purchase, the Q8400 may be the better choice for you.


In conclusion, both the Q8400 and i5-4570 processors have their own strengths and weaknesses. The i5-4570 offers superior performance and power efficiency, making it a great choice for users who prioritize speed and energy efficiency. On the other hand, the Q8400 is a more budget-friendly option with integrated graphics and overclocking capabilities. Ultimately, the best processor for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

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