PSP Go vs. Sony PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

What's the Difference?

The PSP Go and Sony PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) are both handheld gaming consoles developed by Sony, but they have some key differences. The PSP Go was released in 2009 and featured a slide-out design with a smaller screen size compared to the PS Vita. It had a focus on digital downloads and lacked a UMD drive, requiring users to download games from the PlayStation Store. On the other hand, the PS Vita, released in 2011, had a larger screen, better graphics, and improved controls. It also introduced touch-sensitive front and rear panels, allowing for innovative gameplay experiences. The PS Vita had a stronger emphasis on physical game cartridges, but also supported digital downloads. Overall, while the PSP Go was a more compact and digital-focused device, the PS Vita offered a more advanced and versatile gaming experience.


AttributePSP GoSony PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)
Release Year20092011
Display3.8-inch LCD5-inch OLED
Resolution480x272 pixels960x544 pixels
Storage16 GB internal4 GB/8 GB/16 GB internal, expandable via memory card
ControlsSlide-out gamepad, touch-sensitive buttonsDual analog sticks, D-pad, face buttons, touchpad, rear touchpad
ConnectivityWi-Fi, BluetoothWi-Fi, 3G (select models), Bluetooth
Backward CompatibilityDownloadable PSP gamesDownloadable PSP games, PS One Classics
Online ServicesPlayStation NetworkPlayStation Network, PlayStation Plus
Battery LifeApproximately 4-6 hoursApproximately 3-5 hours

Further Detail


The PSP Go and Sony PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) are two handheld gaming consoles developed by Sony. While both devices offer portable gaming experiences, they have distinct features and attributes that set them apart. In this article, we will compare the attributes of the PSP Go and PS Vita to help you understand their differences and make an informed decision when choosing a handheld gaming console.

Design and Display

The PSP Go features a slide-out design with a 3.8-inch LCD screen. It has a compact and pocket-friendly form factor, making it easy to carry around. On the other hand, the PS Vita boasts a larger 5-inch OLED touchscreen display. The PS Vita's display offers vibrant colors, excellent contrast, and a higher resolution, resulting in a more immersive gaming experience. Additionally, the PS Vita has a sleeker and more modern design compared to the PSP Go.

Controls and Input

Both the PSP Go and PS Vita feature a variety of controls for gaming. The PSP Go has a slide-out control pad, a D-pad, and the iconic PlayStation face buttons. It also includes shoulder buttons for additional control options. The PS Vita, on the other hand, has dual analog sticks, a D-pad, face buttons, and shoulder buttons. The addition of dual analog sticks on the PS Vita provides more precise control and enhances gameplay, especially for genres like first-person shooters and action-adventure games.

Performance and Graphics

When it comes to performance, the PS Vita outshines the PSP Go. The PS Vita is equipped with a more powerful processor and graphics chip, allowing for smoother gameplay and better visual effects. The PS Vita also has more RAM, which enables it to handle more demanding games and applications. While the PSP Go can still deliver enjoyable gaming experiences, the PS Vita's superior hardware capabilities make it the preferred choice for gamers looking for top-notch performance.

Game Library

Both the PSP Go and PS Vita have an extensive library of games, but there are some differences. The PSP Go is backward compatible with digital PSP games, allowing you to access a vast catalog of titles. However, the PSP Go does not support physical UMD discs, limiting your options for physical game copies. On the other hand, the PS Vita has its own library of games, including exclusive titles and ports from other platforms. The PS Vita also supports digital downloads and physical game cartridges, giving you more flexibility in choosing how to expand your game collection.

Connectivity and Multimedia

Both devices offer various connectivity options. The PSP Go features built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect to the internet for online gaming and downloading digital content. It also has Bluetooth support for connecting wireless headphones or other accessories. The PS Vita, in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, offers 3G connectivity in certain models, enabling you to access the internet and play online games on the go. The PS Vita also has a rear camera, front-facing camera, and built-in microphone, making it suitable for video calls and multimedia applications.

Battery Life

Battery life is an essential factor to consider for portable gaming consoles. The PSP Go has a decent battery life, allowing you to play games for approximately 4-6 hours on a single charge, depending on the intensity of the game and screen brightness. The PS Vita, however, offers a longer battery life, with an average playtime of 6-8 hours. This extended battery life ensures that you can enjoy gaming sessions without worrying about running out of power too quickly.

Price and Availability

Price and availability are crucial considerations when choosing a handheld gaming console. The PSP Go is an older device and has been discontinued by Sony. As a result, it may be challenging to find brand new PSP Go units in the market. However, you may still be able to find used or refurbished units at a lower price. On the other hand, the PS Vita is still available for purchase, and you can find both new and used units in various online and retail stores. The price of the PS Vita may vary depending on the model and storage capacity you choose.


In conclusion, both the PSP Go and Sony PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) offer unique features and attributes that cater to different gaming preferences. The PSP Go is a compact and portable device with a decent game library, while the PS Vita provides a more immersive gaming experience with its superior hardware, larger display, and extensive game library. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your priorities, such as performance, design, game selection, and budget. Consider your gaming needs and preferences to make an informed decision and enjoy the world of portable gaming.

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