Drums vs. Percussion

What's the Difference?

Drums and percussion are both integral parts of the rhythm section in music, but they have distinct differences. Drums typically refer to a specific set of instruments, including the bass drum, snare drum, and tom-toms, which are played with sticks or mallets. They provide the foundation of the beat and add depth and power to the music. On the other hand, percussion encompasses a broader range of instruments, such as cymbals, tambourines, maracas, and xylophones, which are struck, shaken, or scraped to produce sound. Percussion instruments add texture, color, and variety to the music, often providing accents and embellishments. While drums focus on maintaining the rhythm, percussion instruments contribute to the overall musicality and enhance the composition.


Photo by Josh Sorenson on Unsplash


Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

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