Disney FastPass vs. FastPass+

What's the Difference?

Disney FastPass and FastPass+ are both systems implemented by Disney to help guests reduce their wait times for popular attractions. However, there are some key differences between the two. Disney FastPass is a paper-based system where guests can obtain a FastPass ticket for a specific attraction, allowing them to return at a designated time and skip the regular line. On the other hand, FastPass+ is a digital system that allows guests to pre-book their FastPasses online or through the My Disney Experience app. This gives guests the flexibility to plan their day in advance and secure FastPasses for their preferred attractions. Additionally, FastPass+ also offers the option to reserve experiences such as character meet and greets, shows, and parades. Overall, while both systems aim to enhance the guest experience, FastPass+ offers more convenience and customization options for guests.


AttributeDisney FastPassFastPass+
AvailabilityAvailable at select attractionsAvailable at select attractions and experiences
Booking WindowSame day onlyUp to 30 days in advance
Number of SelectionsUp to 3 per dayUp to 3 per day
Selection TimeUpon arrival at the attractionPre-selected time slots
Additional SelectionsN/AAdditional selections available after using initial 3
Reservation ChangesN/ACan modify or cancel reservations
Access MethodPhysical FastPass ticketRFID-enabled MagicBand or park ticket
Availability WindowSubject to availabilitySubject to availability

Further Detail


Disney FastPass and FastPass+ are both systems implemented by Disney to enhance the guest experience at their theme parks. These systems allow visitors to reserve access to select attractions, entertainment, and character meet and greets, reducing wait times and maximizing their time in the parks. While both FastPass and FastPass+ serve the same purpose, there are some key differences between the two. In this article, we will compare the attributes of Disney FastPass and FastPass+ to help you understand their similarities and differences.

Availability and Access

Disney FastPass is available to all park guests and is included with the price of admission. Guests can obtain FastPasses by visiting designated kiosks located throughout the park and selecting the attractions they wish to experience. FastPasses are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, and once all the FastPasses for a particular attraction are distributed, guests must wait in the regular standby line.

On the other hand, FastPass+ is a more advanced system that requires guests to plan their visit in advance. FastPass+ is available to all guests staying at a Disney Resort hotel or select partner hotels, as well as Annual Passholders. It allows guests to make FastPass+ selections up to 60 days in advance of their visit. This gives guests staying at Disney Resort hotels a significant advantage in securing FastPasses for popular attractions.

Attraction Selection

With Disney FastPass, guests can select up to three FastPasses per day, and all three selections must be made in the same park. Guests have the flexibility to choose any available attraction, regardless of its tier or popularity. This allows guests to prioritize their favorite attractions and minimize wait times for those experiences.

FastPass+, on the other hand, allows guests to make up to three initial FastPass+ selections per day, but these selections must be made in advance. Guests can choose attractions from different parks if they have a Park Hopper ticket, and they can also make additional FastPass+ selections after redeeming their initial three. However, the additional selections are subject to availability, and guests can only make one additional selection at a time.

Flexibility and Modifications

Disney FastPass offers more flexibility when it comes to modifying FastPass selections. Guests can change their FastPass selections at any time by visiting a FastPass kiosk or using the Disneyland mobile app. This allows guests to adapt their plans on the go and make the most of their day in the park.

FastPass+, on the other hand, has more limitations when it comes to modifications. Guests can modify their FastPass+ selections, but only within the same park and subject to availability. Once guests have used their initial three FastPass+ selections, they can make additional selections one at a time, but they must use the My Disney Experience app or visit a FastPass+ kiosk to do so.

Entertainment and Shows

Disney FastPass primarily focuses on attractions, but it does not cover entertainment offerings such as parades, fireworks, or stage shows. Guests must secure a spot for these experiences by arriving early or finding a suitable viewing location in advance.

FastPass+, on the other hand, extends its benefits to select entertainment offerings. Guests can make FastPass+ selections for parades, fireworks, and stage shows, ensuring they have a reserved spot for these popular experiences. This allows guests to plan their day more effectively and avoid waiting in long lines for entertainment.


Both Disney FastPass and FastPass+ offer valuable benefits to guests visiting Disney theme parks. Disney FastPass provides flexibility and allows guests to prioritize their favorite attractions, while FastPass+ offers advanced planning and additional benefits for guests staying at Disney Resort hotels. Whether you prefer the spontaneity of Disney FastPass or the convenience of FastPass+, both systems aim to enhance the guest experience and reduce wait times, ensuring a magical visit to the happiest place on earth.

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