Dell Latitude 5400 vs. Dell Latitude 7490

What's the Difference?

The Dell Latitude 5400 and Dell Latitude 7490 are both powerful business laptops designed for professionals on the go. The Latitude 5400 offers a larger 14-inch display compared to the 13.3-inch display on the Latitude 7490, providing a more immersive viewing experience. However, the Latitude 7490 boasts a more premium design with a sleeker chassis and thinner bezels. Both laptops feature powerful processors, ample storage options, and long battery life, making them ideal choices for productivity and multitasking. Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to personal preference in terms of display size and design aesthetics.


AttributeDell Latitude 5400Dell Latitude 7490
Processor8th Gen Intel Core8th Gen Intel Core
RAMUp to 32GB DDR4Up to 32GB DDR4
StorageUp to 1TB SSDUp to 1TB SSD
Display14-inch FHD14-inch FHD
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 620Intel UHD Graphics 620
WeightStarting at 3.26 lbsStarting at 3.11 lbs

Further Detail


Both the Dell Latitude 5400 and Dell Latitude 7490 are sleek and professional-looking laptops designed for business use. The Latitude 5400 features a carbon fiber reinforced chassis that is durable and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. On the other hand, the Latitude 7490 has a more traditional design with a magnesium alloy body that is also sturdy and robust. Both laptops come in a black color scheme that exudes sophistication.


The Dell Latitude 5400 comes with a 14-inch Full HD display that offers crisp and clear visuals for work or entertainment. The screen has thin bezels that maximize the viewing area and provide an immersive experience. In comparison, the Dell Latitude 7490 also has a 14-inch Full HD display with vibrant colors and good viewing angles. Both laptops offer a comfortable viewing experience for long hours of use.


When it comes to performance, the Dell Latitude 5400 and Dell Latitude 7490 are powered by different processors. The Latitude 5400 is equipped with 8th generation Intel Core processors that deliver reliable performance for everyday tasks. On the other hand, the Latitude 7490 features 8th generation Intel Core vPro processors that offer enhanced security and manageability features for business users. Both laptops come with SSD storage options for fast boot times and smooth multitasking.


Connectivity is an important aspect of any business laptop, and both the Dell Latitude 5400 and Dell Latitude 7490 offer a wide range of ports and wireless options. The Latitude 5400 comes with USB Type-C, USB 3.1, HDMI, and Ethernet ports for easy connectivity to peripherals and networks. Similarly, the Latitude 7490 also features a variety of ports including USB Type-C, USB 3.1, HDMI, and Ethernet. Both laptops support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication.

Battery Life

Battery life is crucial for users who are constantly on the go, and both the Dell Latitude 5400 and Dell Latitude 7490 offer impressive battery performance. The Latitude 5400 boasts a long-lasting battery that can provide up to 20 hours of usage on a single charge, making it ideal for all-day productivity. On the other hand, the Latitude 7490 also offers excellent battery life with up to 17 hours of usage, ensuring that users can work without worrying about running out of power.


Security is a top priority for business users, and both the Dell Latitude 5400 and Dell Latitude 7490 come with advanced security features to protect sensitive data. The Latitude 5400 offers options such as a fingerprint reader and smart card reader for secure authentication. Similarly, the Latitude 7490 includes features like a fingerprint reader, smart card reader, and optional IR camera for facial recognition. Both laptops also come with TPM 2.0 for hardware-based encryption.


When it comes to pricing, the Dell Latitude 5400 is generally more affordable compared to the Dell Latitude 7490. The Latitude 5400 offers good value for money with its solid performance and features at a lower price point. On the other hand, the Latitude 7490 is priced higher due to its premium build quality and security features. Users can choose between the two laptops based on their budget and specific requirements.

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