Dat Boi vs. Pepe the Frog

What's the Difference?

Dat Boi and Pepe the Frog are both popular internet memes that have gained widespread recognition and popularity in online communities. While Dat Boi is a unicycling frog with the catchphrase "here come dat boi," Pepe the Frog is a green anthropomorphic frog that has been used in a variety of contexts and emotions. Both memes have been widely shared and remixed by internet users, but Pepe the Frog has been more controversial due to its association with hate groups and political movements. Despite their differences, both Dat Boi and Pepe the Frog have left a lasting impact on internet culture.


AttributeDat BoiPepe the Frog
OriginViral meme from 2016Viral meme from 2005
AppearanceCartoon frog on unicycleCartoon frog with various expressions
PopularityShort-lived but popular in 2016Long-lasting and widely recognized

Further Detail

Origin and Popularity

Dat Boi, a green unicycling frog, first appeared in 2015 as a reaction image on social media platforms like Tumblr and Reddit. The phrase "Here come dat boi!" became a popular meme, often accompanied by the question "O shit waddup?" Pepe the Frog, on the other hand, was created by artist Matt Furie in 2005 for his comic series "Boy's Club." Pepe gained widespread popularity as a meme in the early 2010s and has been associated with various internet subcultures.

Visual Appearance

Dat Boi is a simple cartoon frog riding a unicycle, with the text "Here come dat boi!" usually displayed alongside him. He is depicted with a blank expression and a simple design. Pepe the Frog, on the other hand, has a more detailed appearance with various expressions and poses. Pepe's design has been modified and adapted by internet users to create a wide range of variations.

Personality and Behavior

Dat Boi is often portrayed as a laid-back and carefree character, casually riding his unicycle without a care in the world. His catchphrase "O shit waddup?" adds to his nonchalant demeanor. Pepe the Frog, on the other hand, has a more versatile personality, with different versions of the character exhibiting a wide range of emotions and behaviors, from sad and contemplative to mischievous and playful.

Usage and Context

Dat Boi is typically used as a reaction image or meme to express surprise or excitement in a humorous way. The phrase "Here come dat boi!" is often used in conjunction with the image of the frog on a unicycle. Pepe the Frog, on the other hand, has been used in a variety of contexts and has been associated with different cultural and political movements, sometimes leading to controversy and debates over its meaning.

Evolution and Adaptation

Dat Boi has remained relatively unchanged since its inception, with the original image of the frog on a unicycle remaining the most recognizable version of the character. Pepe the Frog, on the other hand, has undergone numerous adaptations and modifications, with different artists and internet users creating their own versions of the character to suit different contexts and messages.

Legacy and Impact

Dat Boi's legacy is primarily tied to its status as a popular meme from the mid-2010s, with the phrase "Here come dat boi!" becoming a nostalgic reference for internet users who were active during that time. Pepe the Frog, on the other hand, has had a more enduring impact on internet culture, becoming a symbol of meme culture and online communities, as well as being co-opted for various political and social movements.

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