Bromley vs. Jiminy Peak

What's the Difference?

Bromley and Jiminy Peak are both popular ski resorts located in the northeastern United States. While Bromley is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and beginner-friendly slopes, Jiminy Peak offers a more challenging terrain for experienced skiers and snowboarders. Both resorts offer a variety of amenities such as ski lessons, rental equipment, and on-site dining options. However, Bromley is known for its scenic views of the surrounding mountains, while Jiminy Peak boasts a larger vertical drop and more advanced trails. Overall, both resorts offer a unique and enjoyable skiing experience for visitors of all skill levels.


AttributeBromleyJiminy Peak
Vertical Drop1334 feet1150 feet
Number of Trails4745
Skiable Acres178167

Further Detail


Bromley Mountain is located in Peru, Vermont, while Jiminy Peak is situated in Hancock, Massachusetts. Both resorts are easily accessible from major cities in the Northeast, making them popular destinations for weekend getaways. Bromley is known for its picturesque views of the Green Mountains, while Jiminy Peak offers stunning vistas of the Berkshire Mountains.

Size and Terrain

Bromley boasts 178 skiable acres, with a vertical drop of 1,334 feet. The mountain offers a good mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced terrain, making it suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Jiminy Peak, on the other hand, features 167 skiable acres and a vertical drop of 1,150 feet. The resort also offers a variety of terrain, including glades and terrain parks for those seeking a challenge.

Lifts and Facilities

Both Bromley and Jiminy Peak have modern lift systems that efficiently transport guests up the mountain. Bromley has 10 lifts, including a high-speed quad and several surface lifts for beginners. Jiminy Peak has 9 lifts, including a high-speed six-pack and a magic carpet for beginners. In terms of facilities, both resorts offer rental shops, ski schools, and dining options to cater to guests' needs.

Snowfall and Weather

Bromley receives an average of 155 inches of snowfall per year, providing ample opportunities for skiing and snowboarding throughout the season. Jiminy Peak, on the other hand, receives slightly less snowfall, with an average of 100 inches per year. Both resorts have snowmaking capabilities to supplement natural snowfall and ensure good conditions on the slopes.

Apres-Ski Activities

After a day on the slopes, guests at Bromley can enjoy activities such as tubing, ice skating, and snowshoeing. The resort also has a variety of dining options, from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants. Jiminy Peak offers similar apres-ski activities, including a mountain coaster, ziplining, and a spa for relaxation. Guests can also unwind at the resort's bars and restaurants.

Family-Friendly Amenities

Bromley is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, with activities and amenities geared towards children and families. The resort offers a KidsRule program for young skiers and snowboarders, as well as a daycare facility for children too young to hit the slopes. Jiminy Peak also caters to families, with a KidsRule program and a children's learning center for kids of all ages.

Overall Experience

Both Bromley and Jiminy Peak offer a unique skiing and snowboarding experience, with their own set of attributes and amenities. Bromley's scenic views and varied terrain make it a popular choice for families and intermediate skiers, while Jiminy Peak's challenging terrain and apres-ski activities appeal to more advanced riders. Ultimately, the choice between the two resorts will depend on individual preferences and priorities.

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