Alibi vs. Bianca

What's the Difference?

Alibi and Bianca are two characters from the popular board game Clue. Alibi, also known as Mrs. White, is a middle-aged housekeeper with a mysterious past. She is often portrayed as a quiet and reserved character, but her actions can be deceiving. On the other hand, Bianca, also known as Miss Scarlet, is a glamorous and seductive character. She is known for her cunning and manipulative nature, using her charm to get what she wants. While Alibi may seem innocent, Bianca is more overt in her actions. Both characters add an element of intrigue and suspicion to the game, making it even more exciting for players.


DefinitionAn excuse or defense used to prove innocence or establish whereabouts during a crime.A female given name of Italian origin, meaning "white" or "fair".
UsagePrimarily used in legal contexts to refer to a defense strategy or evidence.Used as a personal name for individuals, usually females.
OriginDerived from the Latin word "alibi" meaning "elsewhere".Derived from the Italian word "bianco" meaning "white".
MeaningRefers to establishing one's presence elsewhere to prove innocence.Symbolizes purity, innocence, or fairness.
Associated withLegal proceedings, criminal investigations, and detective stories.Individuals, particularly females, who are given the name Bianca.

Further Detail


When it comes to choosing the perfect operator in the popular tactical shooter game Rainbow Six Siege, players often find themselves torn between Alibi and Bianca. Both operators bring unique abilities and playstyles to the table, making them valuable assets in different situations. In this article, we will delve into the attributes of Alibi and Bianca, exploring their strengths, weaknesses, and overall effectiveness in various scenarios.


Alibi, also known as Aria de Luca, is an Italian defender who joined the Rainbow Six team as part of Operation Para Bellum. Her primary ability is the "Prisma," a holographic decoy device that creates realistic copies of herself. These holograms are designed to confuse and misdirect attackers, making it difficult for them to identify the real Alibi.

One of Alibi's greatest strengths is her ability to create a strong presence and deter attackers from entering certain areas. The Prisma holograms can be placed strategically around the map, fooling enemies into revealing their positions or wasting valuable time shooting at the decoys. This ability is particularly effective in objective-based game modes, where defenders need to hold specific areas.

Furthermore, Alibi's loadout offers a variety of options to suit different playstyles. She can equip the MX4 Storm submachine gun, which boasts high fire rate and manageable recoil, or the ACS12 automatic shotgun, providing devastating close-quarters firepower. Additionally, she has access to the Bailiff 410 secondary shotgun, allowing her to create rotation holes or open up walls for unexpected flanks.

However, Alibi does have some weaknesses that players should consider. While her Prisma holograms can be effective, experienced attackers can quickly identify the decoys by observing their behavior or shooting them. This means that Alibi's ability becomes less impactful against skilled opponents who are familiar with her gadget. Additionally, her primary weapons lack long-range capabilities, making her less effective in engagements at a distance.


Bianca, also known as Mira, is a Spanish defender who joined Rainbow Six Siege during Operation Black Mirror. Her unique gadget is the "Black Mirror," a one-way bulletproof mirror that can be placed on walls. This mirror allows defenders to see through it while remaining completely protected, providing valuable intel on attacker movements without exposing themselves to gunfire.

Bianca's Black Mirrors offer a significant advantage to defenders, especially in objective-based game modes. They can be placed strategically to deny attackers certain lines of sight or create safe spots for defenders to hold angles. The ability to gather information without risking direct confrontation is invaluable in Rainbow Six Siege, and Bianca excels in this aspect.

In terms of loadout, Bianca has access to the Vector .45 ACP submachine gun, which boasts high damage and low recoil, making it deadly in close-quarters engagements. She can also equip the ITA12L shotgun, allowing her to create rotation holes or open up walls for unexpected flanks, similar to Alibi's secondary shotgun. Additionally, she carries the USP40 handgun as her secondary weapon.

However, Bianca's Black Mirrors have their limitations. Attackers can destroy them using explosives or specialized gadgets, such as Ash's breaching rounds or Sledge's hammer. This means that defenders must be cautious and protect their mirrors from being destroyed. Furthermore, the placement of the mirrors requires careful consideration, as a poorly positioned mirror can provide attackers with an advantage instead.


When comparing Alibi and Bianca, it is important to consider their unique abilities and how they contribute to the overall team strategy. Alibi's Prisma holograms excel at creating confusion and wasting attacker's time, while Bianca's Black Mirrors provide valuable intel and deny certain lines of sight. Both operators have the potential to disrupt the attacker's plans and force them to adapt to unexpected situations.

In terms of versatility, Alibi offers a wider range of loadout options, with both a submachine gun and an automatic shotgun at her disposal. This allows players to adapt to different playstyles and engage in various situations. On the other hand, Bianca's loadout is more focused on close-quarters combat, with her Vector submachine gun being a formidable weapon in tight spaces.

When it comes to countering the enemy team, Alibi's Prisma holograms can be more effective against less experienced or unaware opponents. Skilled attackers can quickly identify the decoys, rendering Alibi's ability less impactful. On the other hand, Bianca's Black Mirrors provide consistent intel and deny lines of sight, regardless of the attacker's skill level. This makes her a reliable choice for gathering information and disrupting enemy strategies.

In terms of team synergy, both operators can complement different playstyles. Alibi's ability to create confusion can work well with aggressive roamers, allowing them to catch attackers off guard. Bianca's Black Mirrors, on the other hand, can provide valuable intel for anchor defenders, enabling them to hold angles and make informed decisions. Ultimately, the choice between Alibi and Bianca depends on the team's overall strategy and the player's preferred playstyle.


Alibi and Bianca are two unique operators in Rainbow Six Siege, each bringing their own set of attributes and abilities to the game. Alibi's Prisma holograms create confusion and deter attackers, while Bianca's Black Mirrors provide valuable intel and deny lines of sight. Both operators have their strengths and weaknesses, and the choice between them ultimately depends on the player's preferred playstyle and the team's overall strategy. Whether you prefer the deceptive tactics of Alibi or the information-gathering capabilities of Bianca, both operators have the potential to make a significant impact on the outcome of a match.

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