Adreno 220 GPU vs. Mali-400MP GPU

What's the Difference?

The Adreno 220 GPU and Mali-400MP GPU are both graphics processing units commonly found in mobile devices. The Adreno 220 GPU, developed by Qualcomm, offers a higher clock speed and better performance compared to the Mali-400MP GPU, which is developed by ARM. The Adreno 220 GPU supports advanced features like OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenCL 1.1, providing a more immersive gaming and multimedia experience. On the other hand, the Mali-400MP GPU is known for its power efficiency and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. While the Adreno 220 GPU may excel in raw performance, the Mali-400MP GPU offers a balance between performance and power consumption. Ultimately, the choice between the two GPUs depends on the specific requirements and priorities of the user.


AttributeAdreno 220 GPUMali-400MP GPU
Manufacturing Process45nm40nm
API SupportOpenGL ES 2.0, OpenVG 1.1OpenGL ES 2.0
Shader Cores84
Texture Units44
Pixel Fill Rate2.7 Gpixels/s1.6 Gpixels/s
Vertex Fill Rate270 Mvertices/s200 Mvertices/s
Memory Bandwidth8.5 GB/s6.4 GB/s

Further Detail


When it comes to mobile graphics processing units (GPUs), two popular options that have been widely used in smartphones and tablets are the Adreno 220 GPU and the Mali-400MP GPU. Both GPUs have their own strengths and weaknesses, and in this article, we will compare their attributes to help you understand their differences and make an informed decision.


Performance is a crucial aspect to consider when evaluating GPUs. The Adreno 220 GPU, developed by Qualcomm, offers impressive performance capabilities. It features a clock speed of up to 266 MHz and supports advanced graphics APIs such as OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG 1.1. This GPU delivers smooth and fluid graphics rendering, making it suitable for demanding applications and games.

On the other hand, the Mali-400MP GPU, designed by ARM, also offers commendable performance. It operates at a clock speed of up to 400 MHz and supports OpenGL ES 2.0, making it capable of handling graphically intensive tasks. While it may not match the clock speed of the Adreno 220, the Mali-400MP compensates with efficient architecture and optimization, resulting in a competitive performance.

Power Efficiency

Power efficiency is a crucial factor in mobile devices as it directly impacts battery life. The Adreno 220 GPU is known for its power efficiency, thanks to Qualcomm's expertise in optimizing power consumption. It intelligently manages power usage, ensuring a balance between performance and energy efficiency. This allows users to enjoy extended usage without draining the battery excessively.

Similarly, the Mali-400MP GPU also excels in power efficiency. ARM has designed this GPU with a focus on minimizing power consumption while maintaining performance. The Mali-400MP efficiently utilizes available resources, resulting in improved battery life. This makes it an excellent choice for users who prioritize long-lasting device usage.

Graphics Quality

Graphics quality is a crucial aspect for an immersive visual experience. The Adreno 220 GPU delivers exceptional graphics quality with its advanced rendering capabilities. It supports features like advanced shading, texture compression, and anti-aliasing, resulting in sharp and vibrant visuals. Whether you are playing games or watching high-definition videos, the Adreno 220 ensures a visually stunning experience.

Similarly, the Mali-400MP GPU also offers impressive graphics quality. It supports advanced shading techniques and texture compression, resulting in detailed and realistic visuals. The Mali-400MP is capable of handling complex graphics with ease, making it suitable for gaming and multimedia applications.

Compatibility and Support

Compatibility and support are essential factors to consider when choosing a GPU. The Adreno 220 GPU is widely supported by various operating systems, including Android and Windows Phone. It benefits from Qualcomm's extensive software development and optimization, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications and games.

Similarly, the Mali-400MP GPU is also well-supported by major operating systems, including Android and Linux. ARM provides comprehensive software development tools and drivers, ensuring compatibility and smooth integration with different platforms. This makes it a reliable choice for developers and users alike.


Both the Adreno 220 GPU and the Mali-400MP GPU offer commendable attributes in terms of performance, power efficiency, graphics quality, and compatibility. The Adreno 220 excels in delivering smooth performance and exceptional graphics quality, while the Mali-400MP impresses with its power efficiency and compatibility. Ultimately, the choice between these GPUs depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Whether you prioritize raw performance or extended battery life, both GPUs are capable of delivering a satisfying user experience.

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