Admire vs. Crush

What's the Difference?

Admire and crush are two different emotions that people often experience towards someone they find attractive or inspiring. Admiration is a feeling of respect and appreciation for someone's qualities, achievements, or character traits. It is based on genuine admiration and can be felt towards someone we look up to, such as a role model or a mentor. On the other hand, a crush is a more intense and often romantic attraction towards someone. It involves a strong desire to be close to that person and can be accompanied by butterflies in the stomach and daydreaming about them. While admiration is more focused on the person's qualities, a crush is driven by physical and emotional attraction.


DefinitionRespect and hold in high regardIntense infatuation or romantic attraction
Emotional ConnectionMay or may not involve strong emotional connectionUsually involves strong emotional connection
DurationCan be long-lastingOften temporary or short-lived
IntensityLess intense compared to a crushIntense feelings and emotions
ReciprocityCan be one-sided or mutualMay or may not be reciprocated
Physical AttractionNot necessarily based on physical appearanceOften based on physical attraction
ObsessionNot typically obsessiveCan lead to obsessive thoughts and behaviors
DevelopmentCan develop gradually over timeCan develop suddenly or quickly

Further Detail


When it comes to human emotions, admiration and crushes are two common experiences that many individuals encounter. While both emotions involve a certain level of attraction towards someone, they differ in various aspects. In this article, we will explore the attributes of admiration and crushes, highlighting their differences and similarities.

Definition and Meaning

Admiration can be defined as a feeling of respect, approval, or appreciation towards someone's qualities, achievements, or actions. It often arises from recognizing and valuing the positive attributes of an individual. On the other hand, a crush refers to an intense infatuation or romantic attraction towards someone, often characterized by butterflies in the stomach, daydreaming, and a desire for a deeper connection.

Emotional Intensity

One of the key differences between admiration and crushes lies in their emotional intensity. Admiration tends to be a more stable and grounded emotion, rooted in genuine appreciation and respect for someone's qualities. It is often characterized by a sense of admiration from a distance, without necessarily involving strong romantic or physical desires.

On the other hand, crushes are known for their intense emotional rollercoaster. They can evoke strong feelings of excitement, nervousness, and even obsession. Crushes often involve a heightened sense of attraction, with individuals experiencing a rush of emotions and a longing for reciprocation from the person they are crushing on.

Duration and Stability

Another aspect to consider when comparing admiration and crushes is their duration and stability. Admiration tends to be a long-lasting emotion that can persist over time. It is often based on a person's consistent qualities or achievements, allowing admiration to endure even through various life circumstances.

Crushes, on the other hand, are often more short-lived and transient. They can arise suddenly and intensely, but they may also fade away relatively quickly. Crushes are often based on initial attraction or infatuation, which can diminish as individuals get to know the person better or as time passes without reciprocation.

Level of Interaction

The level of interaction with the person of interest is another factor that distinguishes admiration from crushes. Admiration can be experienced from a distance, without necessarily requiring direct interaction with the admired individual. It can be based on observing their actions, achievements, or qualities from afar.

Crushes, on the other hand, often involve a desire for closer interaction and connection. Individuals with a crush may actively seek opportunities to spend time with the person they are attracted to, engage in conversations, or even daydream about potential romantic scenarios. Crushes often thrive on the hope of reciprocation and the possibility of deepening the relationship.

Expectations and Objectives

Admiration and crushes also differ in terms of expectations and objectives. Admiration is often driven by a genuine appreciation for someone's qualities or achievements, without necessarily expecting anything in return. It can serve as a source of inspiration or motivation, encouraging individuals to strive for personal growth or emulate the admired person's positive traits.

Crushes, on the other hand, are often accompanied by expectations and desires for a romantic or deeper connection. Individuals with a crush may hope for reciprocation, fantasize about a romantic relationship, or even pursue the person of interest with the objective of establishing a romantic bond.


In conclusion, while both admiration and crushes involve a certain level of attraction towards someone, they differ in terms of emotional intensity, duration, level of interaction, and expectations. Admiration tends to be a more stable and grounded emotion, based on genuine appreciation and respect for someone's qualities. Crushes, on the other hand, are often characterized by intense emotions, short-lived infatuation, and a desire for a deeper romantic connection. Understanding these differences can help individuals navigate their emotions and relationships more effectively.

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